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i swear to god this mix could sink the sun Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in the "this is the era" journal:
December 27th, 2005
09:29 am


I have a new livejournal!!


add it. read it. love it.


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December 24th, 2005
12:02 pm


"sometimes perfection can be perfect hell"
i don't know what this christmas is going to be like. as much as i wish i could go into the future and then back so i could know what to change, i don't want to. as much as i say i'm sick of this it has to be happening for a reason. and this should only make me stronger. i should only be a better person because of this (you).

my sister let me see my christmas present early. between talks of old friendships and loves she decided that i should see it early. or maybe i was just getting really annoying. its this huge as blow up canvas poster of fall out boy. my reaction was nothing short of tears and hers was, "doesn't pete look hot?". some people in this family are working out just fine for me. my brother let me go on a shopping spree at best buy. it was kind of sweet. i got the following:
Eminem-Curtin Call
Kanye West-Late Registration
Kanye West-College Dropout
Senses Fail-Let it enfold you
Audioslave-Out of exile (only because i became obsessive complusive over them during the summer)
Transplants-Haunted Cities
and the other two i cannot remember.
but it was awesome.

& downstairs under the tree there is an assortment of presents for my brother, sister, and dad. one for me...but tons for my brother, sister, mom, & dad. i'm so loved by the parents they feel they only need to get me one present.
and its a cd. i can tell.

somebody buy me the jack's mannequin cd before i go crazy.
i'm in love.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Dark Blue-Jack's Mannequin

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December 20th, 2005
09:25 am


its too late
"What you, what you need is something she'll never be.
I think its time to let you go"

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October 23rd, 2005
06:23 pm


"i admit that i'm just a fool for you. i am just a fool for you."
it takes four hours to get to chicago from detroit. without getting stopped by the police, stopping for gas, stopping for food, and getting stuck in a traffic jam. with that, its five hours. just about atleast. while kids were getting out of seventh hour i was on my way to the rivera theater in chicago. and at this moment i realize a lot of kids don't get to do this. maybe that stupid christian band brainwashed me with their bright white lights but i am starting to think that maybe having faith is everything. maybe if you believe in something then things will work out. i'm usually not right but its worth a shot. since i've tried just about everything else.Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: I don't feel very receptive today-UnderOath

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October 18th, 2005
04:09 pm


"i should end this call, and end this conversation"
i'm just trouble.
as much as i'd like to blame you for all of this i can't.
i'd do the same exact thing.
lets go back to the time when the only thing on my mind was being one of those kids with friends.
this is all you learning from them.
learning how to use people, trick them.
one day you'll be sorry.
when you look alone in the halls.
when you have nobody to talk to when you're crying.
you always had it wayyy too easy anyways.
i'm just trying to show you that things aren't ok between us.
and that if you don't open your eyes to the third person you'll only be a two person group.
not like you don't want that anyways.

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: a quick little flight-armor for sleep

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August 16th, 2005
10:16 am


hiiiiggghhhh sccchoooolllll
Semester 1:
Hour 1-Geophyscial Science.....Kammer
Hour 2-Japanese 1....Bourassa
Hour 3-Honors English 9......Deledda
Hour 4(c)-Intro To PE (booo).....Sheltrow
Hour 5(b)-Spanish 2.....Anteau
Hour 6-Algebra 1......Khan
Hour 7-Civics.....Danziger
Hour 8-Smart.....Bernstein

Semseter 2:
Hour 1-Spanish 2......Selman
Hour 2-Japanese 1....Bourassa
Hour 3-Honors English 9.....Deledda
Hour 4(a)_Helath....Boyd
Hour 5(a)-Geophysical Science....Kammer
Hour 6-Algebra 1......Khan
Hour 7-Economics....Rogers
Hour 8-Smart.....Bernstien

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Broken-Seether feat. Amy Lee

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August 13th, 2005
11:42 pm


"Attention! Attention! May I have all your eyes and ears.."

"I'm not sure what I am supposed to write in here, but even writers block couldn't touch me. This is the place where I will whine and complain. Polish my ego. State my opinions as fact. Do grudge maintinence. Tell you about how I wish you knew what it was like to fall asleep next to your big eyes. This is where I will take my bad day out on you. And let you swing with my moods. Let out a couple secrets and then try to take them back. I am sorry my sarcasm doesn't translate that well on the computer screen; you can download a new program to help you if you are having problems and have windows 98, or better called: I"
-Pete Wentz


Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: Attention-The Academy Is...

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August 12th, 2005
05:27 pm


WOOHOO for Anit-socialism!!!
I'm thinking about making this friends only. I'm sick of you.

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: P!ATD

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